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Helping Oregon Parents Create a Parenting Time Schedule That Allows Each to Care for and Support Their Child

In a divorce case involving children, in addition to legal custody there are other factors you will need to consider, including with which parent the child will live, during what time frames, and under what circumstances. It is important to ensure the child has regular and routine contact with each parent, assuming that is in the child’s best interests. Dedicated family law attorney Samuel J. Kuzma understands how challenging the divorce process can be and is committed to ensuring that every client receives the trusted legal guidance and support they need in order to draft a parenting plan resulting in each parent enjoying regular and routine parenting time with the child.

Parenting Time in Oregon

When the court is determining a fair parenting time plan (or schedule), as with legal custody, its primary consideration is whether the plan is in the child’s best interest. There are a number of factors that a judge will consider when determining what is an appropriate parenting plan, but it often comes down to relatively simple logistical questions, including each party’s work schedule, historic parenting time each parent has had with the child, where each parent lives, etc. To the furthest extent possible, an Oregon court will establish a parenting plan that allows both parents to enjoy a consistent and rewarding relationship with the child.

Crafting Customized Parenting Plans Specific to Each Case 

In order to ensure your child is able to spend quality time with both parents, if appropriate, rely on Kuzma Law, LLC to help. If you want to establish an effective parenting plan, pursue a modification of an existing parenting plan, or enlist someone to advocate on your behalf in court, Samuel J. Kuzma will help you navigate this challenging time so that you can be sure you end up with a parenting plan that is best for your child. Contact Kuzma Law, LLC to get started.

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