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Resolving Paternity Disputes on Behalf of Portland Clients and All Other Oregonians

In order for a father to assert custody or parenting time rights in Oregon, paternity first must be established. There are several ways of determining paternity, and there are a variety of disputes that can arise along the way. For trusted and effective legal guidance regarding a paternity issue in the greater Portland area and throughout Oregon, get in touch with Kuzma Law, LLC as soon as possible so that you can achieve a successful outcome.

Why Establishing Paternity Matters

Paternity affects a number of legal issues. Once paternity has been established, a father is allowed to enjoy his rights to custody and parenting time. He also becomes legally responsible for supporting the child, financially and otherwise. The child is then able to access the father’s benefits and gains the right to inherit from the father once he passes away. Without the legal process of establishing paternity, a number of rights and responsibilities for both father and the child may not be possible.

Resolving a Paternity Dispute

There are a few reasons why paternity disputes may arise. Perhaps someone wants to establish that he is the child’s biological father, or the mother wants to compel someone to prove that he is the child’s father. In many cases, paternity disputes also involve matters such as child support and child custody. Once paternity is legally determined, these related issues can also be resolved. At Kuzma Law, LLC, your paternity matter will be handled with the sensitivity and care that is necessary to ensure that you receive an equitable outcome. Whatever your specific circumstances may be, trusted family law attorney Samuel J. Kuzma will work closely with you to determine an effective legal strategy that is designed to help you move forward with confidence.

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