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Although there is still a fairly common misconception that couples who use prenuptial agreements (also called a “premarital agreement”) are simply assuming their marriages will fail, the reality is that a prenuptial agreement can actually strengthen your marriage in the long-run. This document can be customized to address your specific concerns and needs, and it is designed to ensure your future has some level of predictability, no matter what it holds. To learn more about whether a prenuptial agreement may be right for you, reach out to Kuzma Law, LLC today to discuss your goals with a knowledgeable family law attorney.

Why You Should Consider a Prenuptial Agreement

While prenuptial agreements are highly recommended for couples who have significant financial assets or who already have children from a prior relationship, any couple can benefit from creating a prenuptial agreement. Essentially, a prenuptial agreement provides a road map for how you and your spouse or partner intend to navigate your separation—if that ever becomes necessary. By taking some time in advance to think through the ways you would like to establish an equitable split, you are giving yourselves some predictability and the foundation you will want during the chaotic period of a potential divorce. The same concepts apply if you are considering moving in with someone and/or owning assets jointly with them, in which case you would want to discuss a cohabitation or domestic partnership agreement.

Collaborating on an Agreement with Your Partner

The process of creating a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement allows you and your soon-to-be spouse (or partner) to discuss sensitive topics, such as your desire for children, your views on finances, and the disclosure of any major debts you are carrying with you into the marriage or relationship. While it may appear at first glance to be adversarial, the most productive work on prenuptial or cohabitation agreements is collaborative amongst the parties and each of their attorneys. For many couples, having this opportunity to be vulnerable with one another ultimately strengthens their marital or partnership bond. If you are planning on getting married, moving in with someone, owning property jointly with someone, or putting someone on your insurance, contact Kuzma Law, LLC to discuss what preparing a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement would look like. Even if you do not end up ever needing to use the prenuptial or cohabitation agreement, the conversations you will have with your partner about your visions and goals for the future often create more feelings of connection and stability.

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Prenuptial (or cohabitation) agreements can encourage couples to begin their marriages (or relationships) feeling more connected and secure about the future, and Kuzma Law, LLC can help you create a customized agreement to suit your needs. Call our Portland office today at (503) 406-1787 to speak to a dedicated family law attorney.